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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Who Wants To Be County Party Chair?

At this point and time we really should just have people lining up for some sort of Democratic Party history trivia game show where the winner walks away with the Bexar County Party Chair slot. Either that or some sort of Survivor/Amazing Race rip-off. But until that happens, we get to add another name to the litany of people who have decided that they, like me and 99.99% of all other San Antonians, will not be seeking the position. This time it's former City Councilman Bobby Perez:

Former City Councilman Bobby Perez said Tuesday he couldn't commit the time necessary to mend the deeply fractured Bexar Democratic Party.

Perez said he wouldn't run for party chairman in the March 7 election, disappointing a group of elected officials and party regulars who tried recruiting the charismatic 40-year-old in hopes that he could help unify Democrats.

"The big issue for me was that I would've had to give up all my family time — this position would've required it," said Perez, an attorney and father of three.

Still, he said he would be around to assist Democratic candidates with fundraising and strategizing next year.

State Rep. Joaquín Castro said he wasn't one of those lobbying Perez to run. But he would have backed Perez, noting, "I thought his candidacy would have been good for the party."

Castro agreed with Perez's conclusion that rebuilding the party would be time consuming. "For a while, this will be a day-to-day job," he said.

I agree that it's going to be a daily job. But is that a suprise? At the very least you're going to need an office filled with several staffers and up to date resources for them. Maybe that's partly the problem here. This isn't a part-time operation anymore guys.

Perez also leads us on to another potential candidate, Jill Petri. Don't know a thing about her although there is some contradicting information in the article (how can you be steeped in party politics but only have been active for the past year?) about her.

Really though, I don't care. I just want a party chair who doesn't have lawsuits brought against him/her, can keep an office open and doesn't have us getting these 'fractured party searching for leaders' articles in the Express-News.