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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My Head's About to Explode

So I miss the 5 o'clock news tonite and start searching the websites seeing what I missed, and lo and behold what do I see at but this-

Castro Used Stand-In

"Every politician in a tight race has wished he could be in two places at once. Julian Castro has managed to pull it off.

Castro said today that his identical twin brother, San Antonio State Representative Joaquin Castro, took his spot on the San Antonio City Council barge during the Texas Cavaliers River Parade Monday night so that he could attend another event.

"He was standing in the River Parade, because I had to host a neighborhood leaders meeting in District Seven," Castro told 1200 WOAI's Rosalinda Montero.


The River Parade appearance did not involve speaking or meeting people, and the sign on the barge simply said "San Antonio City Council Members" and did not mention Julian by name. But the script provided to River Parade Announcer Bob Guthrie did in fact mention that Julian Castro was on the barge, and there was no indication to the parade goers that the councilman's twin brother was standing in for him."

Geezus Christ! Seriously? You put your twin brother, on a barge that's for "San Antonio City Council Members?" So when people are shouting Julian's name, was Joaquin actually turning and waving to them? If you can't make it, don't go. How simple is that?

You know my friends and I had always joked about how easy it would be for this to actually happen. And yet now, here we are. Does Julian apologize for misleading the River Parade spectators? No, this is what he actually has to say-

"I hope it gives us the edge. Anything we can do to get out there and campaign even more."

That's what he said. So Hardberger's campaign flinging 'arrows of mud' is crossing the line, but using your twin brother to impersonate you on the float that clearly states, "San Antonio City Council Members" is not? That's just good ol' politicking?


6:20 pm, Update: It was on both WOAI and KENS at 6 pm. Carroll Schubert, who was also on the float with JulianJoaquin said that every time someone yelled out "Julian", Joaquin would turn around and wave to them. Apparently the television announcer did not know Julian was not on the float and said something to the effect of, "Julian Castro, candidate for mayor." Which is what this was all about. Tens of thousands of people watching the parade on TV and 200,000 (I believe) watching it in person, and JulianJoaquin wanted to have his cake and eat it too.

But now that I'm a little calmer, here's why I think this is such a big deal. JulianJoaquin has made such a big deal about how he's sooo much better than the other two candidates. I voluntarily limited myself to $1,000 contributions before there was an ordinance on the books, I'm not going negative, I am going to talk about how great the city of San Antonio is, etc. But he's just a regular ol' pol. The guy isn't the Hispanic messiah folks. If you want to vote for him because you'll think he'll do a better job, than do it. I'll think you're wrong, but do it. But don't do it, because he's fooled you into thinking that he's a much, much better person than the other two candidates.