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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Oh TJ, Why Must You Lie?

I've been pushing forward with work ever since I heard this rumor a couple of hours ago, but now that the day is (almost) over it's time to write about it:

It was the kind of headline you might find in a tabloid newspaper, but it was in an e-mail: 'Mayor Phil Hardberger Tells Confidantes: I Will Not Run Again'

The missive was distributed widely this afternoon to Express-News reporters and editors by local pundit T.J Connolly, and it was accompanied by a statement that the advisory would be forthcoming in the online publication, San Antonio Lightning.

Below it is a postscript noting that former mayoral candidate Julian Castro is gearing for another mayoral run in next year's council election.

Unfortunately, Christian Archer quickly dismisses these claims. Too bad TJ. Of coure this isn't the first time Connolly has been wrong on Hardberger info (see: Mayoral Election and Run-off predictions)

I've heard alternate stories on whether Mayor Phil likes the office and whether or not he'll seek another term. And at this point and time I don't know which to believe.

But I think it comes as no surprise when I say it would please me greatly to see him serve another two years. But let's let him finish his first year before we get ahead of ourselves. The man has the money, the fundraising ability, the incumbency, and the approval ratings to put this decision off for several months now.

Just let him keep doing the good job he's doing. All this will sort itself out in the end.

And if you want to know TJ Connolly's side of the story, just head on over to the San Antonio Lightning's (another SA Current "Best Of" winner I might add) page around 9 pm tonight.