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Friday, May 19, 2006

Believe San Antonio

Jason Terry? Out.

Mark Cuban? Crazy. As usual.

Dirk Nowitzi? "Oh it's already been brought it."

Devin Harris? Just needs to be laid out on his back. One time. Put me in coach, I can do that if Nazr and Rasho can't.

Three rings to none/one (if you count AJ's).

The only thing good about Dallas and the American Airlines Arena/Center/Fieldhouse/Park? The background eye candy.

This is the game that matters. Elimination game, on the road, against the second best team in the conference.

Tim/Manu/Tony against Dirk/Devin/Jerry (When'd this guy learn how to knock down clutch shots? You think the other 37 NBA teams he's played for want to know the same thing too?).

Give me the men in black over the boys in blue any day, any time, anywhere.