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Friday, April 21, 2006


Guess this means I have to get back to posting a little more regularly now:

Best Local Blog

The Jeffersonian

Easy to read, well-laid-out and linked, and pleasantly snarky, this local blog offers intelligent, left-of-center armchairing on everything from county-judge races to homophobes to the UTSA Roadrunners.

My favorite headline? “Ken Rodriguez blows... my mind.” Visit it at\.

Now when I wrote this post about the Current not having a "best blog" category I was most definitely NOT saying, "Hey look at me I want an award too, especially after my concerted GOTV effort for the Koufax awards failed miserably to even get me into the 2nd round." (PS- For those of you who know me, what does this say of my 'job skills'?)

But the San Antonio blogosphere (I hate that word) has really exploded since the 2005 municipal elections. Whether through other bloggers moving to SA, starting up blogs at almost the exact same time as me, or even those one or two blogs who showed up just wanting to play contrarian/ouster to my growing media syndicate. We even had a city councilman hop on the blog train, albeit with no "Hey fellow local bloggers, I'm gonna join your scene" press release attached. No, not bitter a blogger has to hear about another blog through the Express-News. So I'm not doing this alone.

I started my blog because I saw what Kuff and the fellas over at the Report that is Burnt Orange did in their city's, saw no one doing the same in San Antonio and thought- hey, I can do that in SA! Boy was I wrong. Contrary to popular belief, it's a lot harder to run a blog than one would think. About as hard as it is to be a pimp.

The local blog scene, fairly small in early 2005 has grown in the past year and is a pretty strong, vibrant community. The one blog that I think is missing though is a "conservative's Jeffersonian." The San Antonio Lightning, the Current's best local right-wing media outlet of 2006, does a good job with it, but we don't see enough local articles. Alot of the conservative local blogs you see on the right hand links are more right-libertarian than what constitutes as mainstream GOP these days. Maybe there's someone out there who could fill that gap. I know I'd be a daily reader.

So thanks to the Current for saying those kind things about me and this blog. But if there was a trophy given out for this sort of stuff, I'd pull a "Mean Girls" and break off pieces to Byron LaMasters, Karl-Thomas Musselman, Charles Kuffner, Greg Wythe, Eddie, Matt, Sean-Paul and the rest of the Texas Progressive Blogosphere. Check out the links to the left for more blogs. If you don't like this one, you're bound to find another one that you like.

Oh and if you don't think this is going on my resume now, you just. don't. know. me. I'm updating it as we speak.