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Monday, April 17, 2006

Cry Me A River

Over a month after his electoral shellacking, Frank Madla does the 'honorable' thing once again and resigns midterm:

Sen. Frank Madla, who lost the Democratic primary to Rep. Carlos Uresti, said Monday he will leave office May 31.

The move will leave his District 19 seat vacant until the November general election because Gov. Rick Perry doesn't intend to call an earlier special election, a spokeswoman said.

Madla, of San Antonio, said he hadn't decided on his post-Legislature plans and won't make any decisions until after the end of the special session that began Monday on school taxes.

Because of his more than three decades as a state lawmaker, Madla is due a big pay boost with retirement.

Lawmakers make just $7,200 annually in office, but their retirement pay is tied to a state judge's salary. It appears Madla's retirement would top $94,000 annually.

In his resignation letter to Perry, Madla cited his family.

"After many hours of thoughtful consideration and reflection, I ultimately decided that after 33 years of prioritizing public service, it was time to put my family first," he wrote.

The short response? Pinkdome says it best when he calls Madla a "sore loser."

The longer response?

Well Sen. Van De Putte, even though you said you needed Frank in the Senate it seems as if Frank didn't really need the Senate after all.

It's amazing what one bad election cycle can do to a guy. Here he was going around SD-19 asking for another four year term in office and now just weeks after his defeat he's realized it's a good time to put his family first. Yeah that's sincere.

And let's make one other thing clear, when Madla says he hasn't decided what he's doing after he resigns he means he doesn't know which, and how many, lobbying contracts he's going to accept.

Thanks for your service Sen. Madla, now if you could just move over a bit and join Tom Delay over in the quitter's section of Texas (ie, Oklahoma) we could all get back to our daily routines.