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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Charlie Gonzalez, No Friend Of The Internets

"We didn't realize how much we took Henry B. for granted."

That's what I once overheard a high-ranking official of a national Dem organization say about Congressman Charlie Gonzalez and his father, the late Henry B. Gonzalez. His vote against the Markey amendment on this whole Net Neutrality issue only serves to underscore that statement.

It's not that Gonzalez is another Henry Cuellar, it's just that, well, there's a difference between Charlie and Henry B. That's probably the simplest way to put it.

To be fair though the list of Bexar County elected officials- from City Council to Commissioner's Court to State Leg. to Congress- who aren't in the pockets of AT&T is very small.

Making people pay more for using the internet is probably the easiest way to piss off a blogger. It's also bad public policy.

If you don't know what Net Neutrality is, here's a website for ya. For even more information on the issue, go check out Sean-Paul.