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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Your Quarterly Reminder

To donate.

This Friday, March 31, is the quarterly FEC reporting deadline for federal candidates. You see these sort of posts go up every so often, maybe you donate, maybe you don't. The reality though, is that this upcoming deadline and- the subsequent one three months from now- are the two most important filing deadlines for Congressional candidates. And while a bad financial report in March won't kill you like one in the summer will, it could leave you in a big enough hole to give you bad numbers in July. Plus a good showing with these numbers might make some other people take notice and start pushing a race that had previously been considered a safe Republican seat.

Here's my list of candidates to donate to-

TX-17: Chet Edwards
TX-22: Nick Lampson
TX-14: Shane Sklar
TX-21: John Courage
TX-23: Rick Bolanos

We've got the two "big" congressional races, the two local congressional races, and one race that I think is one of the better pick-up opportunities in Texas. There's alot more candidates out there than are on this list, and not being on this list doesn't mean I don't consider the candidate to be a credible one. But if I get the chance to direct where your money might go, I'm sending it to these guys.

Seriously, if you haven't donated this quarter and have the financial means to do so, donate now. Money matters folks, regardless of what the idealist inside of you says.

Update: Nick Lampson is also trying to fill the boot and raise $50,000 online by Friday night. He's got over $41k in it now. Help him get to $50k.

Update 2.0: Here's some good links for you to follow on what the DC CW thinks are the most competitive races. Congressional Quarterly, The Cook Political Report(pdf), and the Hotline all give their rankings. Notice that outside of "The Big Two" in Texas, no other race is listed as competitive right now.

Now I know it's always the "In" thing to bash the Washingtonians, but these guys are, by and large, correct on their rankings. Plus, fellow Washingtonians listen to them, and Washingtonians drive the decision making process in organizations like the DCCC and other outside orgs that could possibly send help down. And while you can do win without the backings of these organizations, it's much tougher to do it that way. Let me put it this way, if I was putting together a campaign plan, I certainly wouldn't want to do it that way.

A decent finance report could start building some buzz and maybe make these DC outfits start paying more attention to certain races in Texas.