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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Primary Wrap-Up

Let me get my last words on last weeks primary in:

Governor: I predicted a healthy win for Bell, but did not expect the blowout that it was. Goes to show you a year-plus of campaigning will nearly always beats less than 100 days of campaigning.

Lt. Governor: Ben Grant versus Maria Luisa Alvarado. I voted for Grant in the primary, unless something changes my mind I'll be voting for Grant in the run-off.

CD-28: Cuellar just gets over the 50% plus one line and keeps Ciro from having another month to finally, really campaign against him.

SD-19: It's been over a week and I'm still smiling. Uresti took 63% in Bexar county (65% on election day) and those numbers alone account for about 80% of Uresti's final margin of victory. But it wasn't just a Bexar county thang, take out Bexar and Maverick county's votes and Uresti still wins the other 21 counties by seven or so votes. Knocking out Madla was a collective, districtwide endeavor. And because I can, Famous. Last. Words:

Madla said he questions Uresti's analysis of the bill's impact, and he defended his record of providing health care to Texans.

"If that (bill) is the only issue that he can come up with in 32 years of service, then bring it on," he said. "I would be happy to match my record on health and human services with his."

HD-118: Joe Farias performs impressively by clearing out a four-person field early and with 56% of the vote. George Antuna just barely misses the early round knockout and now gets to go out and do it all over again with Steve Salyer in what is possibly the only Bexar county Republican race on the run-off ballot. That one should be real interesting.

County Commissioner, Pct 2: For such a lackluster campaign, Barrera was still able to garner 45% of the vote against an incumbent who was running for his 10,000th term. Any Westside politico with any savvy should be licking their chops over this seat in four years.

County Chair: According to Matt, Carla Vela is declaring victory. Her margin of victory has gone up by one vote and I don't think we're going to see 300 plus Dan Ramos ballots come in the last four days. The Bexar County Democratic Party is saved from destruction. I don't know how Vela will do, maybe she'll bring out a rebirth- maybe not. But if she doesn't, she better be able to swallow being a one-term chair.

County Judge races: Peter Sakai's margin of victory was a welcome surprise, while Phil Meyer's margin of defeat was a disappointment. According to the latest tally from Tuesday's ballot board, Laura Salinas has rallied back from a 12-vote election day deficit to take a 1 vote lead over Oscar Kazen. Six more Dem ballots came in today, don't know how many came in yesterday. Who knows what is going to happen here, but what happens if there is a tie?

And I don't have to worry about voting for a Republican in County Court #1 anymore. Cleo Marshall was defeated by the namesake of one of my three favorite beers, thereby keeping me from voting for him in the general. For those of you who are wondering, why in the holy hell I'd even think about voting for Marshall let me give you two: Former Assistant DA, former assistant US Attorney. Too bad he couldn't make it out of the primary.

Finally, the US Senate race. Everyone has said what needs to be said about this, but I'll leave you with this. This is why no pol ever takes a race for granted. In sports it's called look past the game at hand (ie, looking past Baylor when you play UT next week). Hopefully this served as a wakeup call to Team BAR.

Spend some of that money in your warchest right now, you're not going to match Kay Bay's money, but you need to start building name ID. Now.

One of the cheapest, most efficient use of your resources? The Texas Progressive Alliance.