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Thursday, March 16, 2006


You can now vote for the San Antonio Current's "Best of 2006" list. About the same as always and it'll take me a while to name all of the places I'm voting for, but there is one part of the list that bothers me. No "Best Local Blog" or "Best State Blog" categories. Instead we get "Best Local Website", which means all the local blogs get to compete with and Fun! Which leads me to this question- would the Current give the Express-News/KENS the award if won?

Why is no one talking about the return of Sam Seaborne? That was big rumor news a while ago, but now not so much.

And while we're on the subject of television, what's is going on over at 24? The wholesale character killoff is very disturbing.

Earl Abel's is coming back. The new restaurant (the old Hometown Buffet!) will be on Austin Highway and there are plans to grow the franchise again. Color me cautiously optimistic. Very happy that there will be an Early Abel's in name at least. The sad, slow demise we had been seeing from them over the past weeks was just, sad.

Finally, what the hell is going on with the gasoline? $2.34 at the local corner store. It was just a little while ago it was $2.03. Which is great, just as I begin a job that is going to have me regularly commuting down to the Valley.

Update: According to this message board, not only is Rob Lowe returning but a bunch of others will be showing up in at least one episode throughout the final five episode left.