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Monday, March 20, 2006

Local Republican News

The South Texas Republicans organization now has their weekly newsletters online, making it much easier for me to link to and show you all that I don't make this stuff up. Plus it also shuts up the locals who run around and act like if getting on this list means becoming a double agent for the DNC and going deep undercover for years at a time. Seriously, just sign up here. Moving on.

First item to note here is that HD-118 candidate George Antuna has hired a campaign manager:

George Antuna, Republican Candidate for State Representative for District #118, is pleased to announce Rick Vela as his new campaign manager.

Rick Vela previously served as Governor Perry’s South Texas Field Representative. During the 2004 election cycle, Vela served as the South Texas Field Representative for Texas Victory ’04. Vela’s campaign experience also includes multiple state house races and US congressional races and a US Senatorial race.

Running the 2004 coordinated Republican campaign in South Texas, how'd that go for ya? Seriously though, at the very least he'll know how to target the key demographic for Antuna should he win the run-off. Outside of that, the only other thing that strikes me here is that he's described as Antuna's "new campaign manager." Checking the campaign reports showed Antuna didn't have a paid one- at least through his account- for the primary. Maybe that's the reason Antuna's in a run-off now. Political operatives are good for at least 75 votes, right?

The Republicrat also takes the time to skewer the local Democratic party and make the assertion that Chris Bell is toast. First off, making fun of the soap opera that is Bexar County's CEC is soo 2005. Secondly, let's see what the Republicrat has to say about Chris Bell:

The low voter turnout in the Democratic Primary was insulting at seven percent. A number of local Democrats openly refused to vote in the Primary so they could sign Kinky Friedman’s petition to get on the ballot. Word is that if he does, Chris Bell is toast. The word is that without Kinky Friedman, Chris Bell would still be toast.

I'm sorry, what was the turnout in the Republican primary? That was pretty insulting too. I'm sure a number of Dems refused to vote in the primary. So did a number of Republicans. As far as Chris Bell's chances in November, I'm on record here arguing that all he is going to need to win in November is about 40% of the vote. I don't really feel the need to retype my reasons for it, I'll just wait until November when I can point to the scoreboard.