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Saturday, March 18, 2006

I'm Pro-Homo!!!

Via Burnt Orange Report and PinkDome:

"A third issue we examined was Carter Casteel's claim that she was not against the ban on homosexual foster parents. While it's true that she voted for the final bill that included the ban, when the ban all by itself was up for a vote, she voted against it. Then she went on record stating that she was for the bill overall, but expressed reservations on the ban portion. Again, Ms. Casteel's literature portrays her completely opposite of how she voted. Furthermore, in researching the matter on the web, we found a number of pro-homosexual web sites speaking very favorably of her vote against the homosexual foster parent ban. Also, about 17 pro-homosexual and/or left leaning bloggers even voted her "Texan of the Year."


"Besides looking at individual issues, we also looked at some of those endorsing or supporting Carter. As mentioned before, we found the left leaning and/or pro-homosexual web sites (Pink Dome, for example said: "We all love Carter Casteel..."), and the liberal San Antonio Express News, to name a couple.

I've wondered whether or not Macias or one of his surrogates would use Casteel's Texan of the Year award against her, how they would do it, and how successful it would be.

But it's nice to know the homophobes visited us. Thanks for stopping by!