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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

How To Win The 2008 Nomination Without Really Trying

Censure. Censure censure censure. Bring out one a month/week/day and even John Kerry could gain some traction. Or at least that's what the outcome of the latest daily kos strawpoll shows us. Feingold leads the way, jumping 18 points since January to 48%, Wesley Clark stays in second- even though he has bled over half of his support- with 15%, and Mark Warner keeps third warm with 11%.

Feingold's support has pulled from pretty much everbody, keeping it a field of four in this poll, while both Feingold and Warner are responsible for Clark's drop in numbers.

But probably the most interesting thing to see in these results are the approval ratings of Howard Dean (84%) and how they mesh up with Nancy Pelosi's (19%) and Harry Reid's (50%). There's no doubt that Dean is doing a good job with the nults and bolts of the party, but it's astounding to see the difference in percentages from this Daily Kos poll. The Dean poll also grabbed 3,000 more votes than either the Reid or Pelosi poll while grabbing a full 5,000 more votes than the dkos presidential straw poll. Count me in the 'I definitely do not think any of these polls are representative of the entire Democratic party' pile.

As for the censure, I completely agree with a werewolf.