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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Let me give my rousing endorsement to Super Suppers for this wild new (to me at least) idea of a meal-assembly store:

What's for dinner?

The answer to that question got a lot easier for Lysa Mendoza since she discovered a place where she could put together a home-cooked meal in minutes.

"I come in here between jobs and make dinner," Mendoza, a mother of three who holds two jobs, says. "Then I don't have to worry about food for the next couple of days."

"Here" is Supper Solutions at the Forum in Selma. It's one of two new meal-assembly outlets that have opened in the past few months. The other is Super Suppers, with locations at the Vineyards and Huebner Commons.

Though the particulars and prices vary from store to store, the businesses share the same concept: Each provides a place in which the drudgery of meal preparation — planning menus, deciding on recipes, shopping, chopping and cleanup — is done by someone else.

Seriously, six servings worth of entrees for 20 bucks is tremendous. We had the Tuscan Hunter's Chicken with New Potatoes and it was delicious.

It combines everything I want in a dinner- a good, quality homecooked meal with little to no work on my part. I don't know about this Supper Solutions, but the Super Supper is great. For a copy of their menu, click here.