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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Craddick wuz skerred

Little bit of a slow day here, but here's something that did not get the amount of publicity it should've got. Tom Craddick canceled his trip to Texas A&M-Kingsville:

Rio Grande Guardian, a Web-based political newsletter that focuses on border-area issues, reports that House Speaker Tom Craddick has canceled his planned visit to the Kingsville campus of the Irma Rangel College of Pharmacy, whose funding he blocked for more than a year.


His visit to a school he kept closed promised to be interesting, since it was scheduled on the same day as the school's annual Cesar Chavez Walk, which commemorates the late farm-worker leader.

Rio Grande Guardian
is reporting that the Speaker tore a disc in his back. Oh how the stars align sometimes huh Mr. Speaker? I mean, I know you REALLY wanted to go, but torn discs happen.

Seriously Tom, don't be skerred. Contrary to what I wrote, South Texans aren't going to kidnap you and dump you off in the middle of the King Ranch just because you single-handedly blocked the funds that would make the only professional school south of San Antonio operational.

At least I think they won't.