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Monday, March 13, 2006

Close Bexar County Primary Races

- Commenter Demosthenes comes to us today with a guest post on the two too close to call Bexar County Democratic races that are left to be decided by the incoming overseas ballots.

So, two races are still too close to call, and we’re biting our nails
awaiting the straggling mail ballots to come in. We’ll know on March 20th
who will be the nominee (and, by virtue of no republican opposition in
November , judge-elect) for County Court #9 – Judge Oscar Kazen or Laura
Salinas. Furthermore, we’ll know who is our new Party Chair – Dan Ramos or
Carla Vela.

A moment of thought on the County Chair position: If Dan manages to pull off
a victory here, the Bexar County Democratic Party will not only continue to
be dead, I’m predicting that it will, in fact, be beyond resuscitation.
After six years of non-activity, and then another two under Dan Ramos - a
man who will gleefully go to political war with even the most stalwart
democratic officeholder, if the juices in his head tell him to do so – the
party will be a sufficient laughingstock that no one will ever take the
institution seriously again.

If Carla wins, we can cross our fingers and hope for renewal. We have yet to
learn what will be Carla’s plan for re-invigorating the moribund party
corpse, but I’ve at least heard her say that she wants a multitude of
committees for different things. Well, at least that gets people involved
again, rather than shut out.

Luckily, Dan needs to make up 300 votes in order to pull off a victory. Let
us breathe and be calm, but eye March 20th with anticipation.