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Monday, March 20, 2006

Breaking News: Laura Salinas Unseats Oscar Kazen

After being down 13 votes on election day, Laura Salinas rallies back to win the Democratic nomination for County Court at Law #9 by six votes through provisional and overseas ballots:

With more than 34,000 votes counted after the last overseas ballots were counted on March 20, Laura Salinas finished 6 votes ahead of Oscar Kazen for County Court #9 and is declared the winner. It will be up to Mr. Kazen to decide whether to request a recount, which would not be unusual with such a small difference between the two candidates.

Provisional, overseas and mail-in ballots are the only ballots that could be recounted since the electronic voting machines have no paper trail whatsoever. It'll be interesting to see what Kazen decides to do as this recount will take times and lots of money.

Carla Vela also officially wins the privilege/curse of becoming our next County Party chair, winning the office by a 309 vote margin- a nine vote gain from election day totals.