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Monday, March 20, 2006


I don't understand the anti-Spurs sentiment right now. The Sports Guy thinks they're a tired team that's unresponsive to their coach. Going so far as to believe that this is Pop's last year. It took a two month slow burn back to reality to finally have Mark Stein put the Spurs above the Pistons in his weekly rankings. And everyone keeps on talking about the Mavericks.

And why is no one writing, 'what's wrong with the Pistons' columns? Over their last 23 games they're 15-8. A solid record to be sure, but that trends out to a 55-27 season record. And you can't call a 23-game stretch a hiccup or bump in the road, those games account for 30% of your overall schedule. In that same stretch the Spurs have gone 19-4, tied for best in the league with the Heat.

Call me crazy, but I always thought the CW put more emphasis on how you were finishing the season rather than whether or not you had a shot at 70 wins early on.

Here's why the Spurs are still favorites: While the Pistons have the best starting five in the league the Spurs have the best trio in the game, their first five aren't that much worse than the Pistons and the Spurs actually have a bench. Regardless of whether or not AJ actually teaches the side of the game not called "offense" to the Mavs still doesn't mean their defense is anything other than existent now. And Shaq isn't making it through another playoff run. Sorry, not happening.

Finally, is Billy Packer having fun or is he just crazy?