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Sunday, February 05, 2006

You Know What I Love About Lamar Smith?

The complete and utter disconnect between his ethics votes and his ethics proposals.

Take, for instance, his vote for Roy Blunt- part and parcel of Delay's corrupt, Washington political machine:

Rep. Lamar Smith, R-San Antonio, said Texans backed Blunt because "he did a good job, and deserved to be the majority leader."

Smith also fails to tell us of his meetings with Blunt where the former Majority Leader candidate attempted to swap votes for influence with him.

This did nothing to disuade Smith from presenting his own ethics reform package of course. But why should it? Lamar Smith is no ethics reformer, just a Congressman who sees that his cozy relationship with Delay could very well backfire. A man who gave $10,000 to Tom Delay's legal defense fund, voted to weaken the House Ethics rules to temporarily keep Tom Delay as Majority Leader, and who voted to replace Delay with Roy Blunt voluntarily gives up the mantle of 'ethics reformer.'

In other Texas Congressional news, the Express-News completely gets the Tom Delay fundraising story wrong on their new blog, Strange Bedfellows. Yes it's absurd that Delay wants to fundraise in the county he's indicted in. But hows about looking the FEC reports and realizing that Tom Delay outraised Nick Lampson by a total of $150,000. And that's with Dick Cheney coming on down for a $500,000 fundraiser. Without the Cheney bash, Lampson outraises Delay by $350,000. That's nearly unheard of.

But we should all take a greater interest in the fact that the star of Yentl gave Lampson $1,000.