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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Local Chapter Learn From Nationals, And Vice-Versa For You

Peggy Fikac over at Strange Bedfellows lets us know that more and more Dem leaning organizations are, at the very least, entertaining the notion of endorsing Republican candidates. Both the Texas Federation of Teacher's and the AFL-CIO are in this group while the Texas State Teacher's Association has already endorsed Republican Gubernatorial candidate Carole Keaton Mclellan Rylander Strayhorn.

Good. Every organization should be open to taking a look at both party's candidates to begin with. If a Republican wants to meet with the AFL-CIO or a Democrat wants to meet with the Club for Growth, they shouldn't have the door slammed in their face. They'll have to deal with the electoral consequences of their decisions, but they should have that option in front of them. Those same groups should also realize who truly represents their interests and who is paying them lip service

And stop outhinking yourself. You're not going to get a seat at the table if you're a traditionally Dem-leaning organization who decides to endorse a Republican in a strategic race. There's only three seats at the current table right now- one for Perry, one for Dewhurst and one for Craddick. And more and more these days Perry and Dewhurst are relegated to the children's table, where they're seen and not heard. Don't think for a second that this will change if Strayhorn gets elected.

Still, the local AFL-CIO chapter could learn a thing or two from their state chapter on how to treat candidates for office. And the statewide leadership of TSTA could also learn a thing or two from their local chapter's recent HD-118 endorsement of Joe Farias. No matter how attractive a Republican candidate is, or how moderate his supporters claim him to be, put him in Craddick's caucus as a freshmen legislator and he'll wilt.