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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just Dismiss The Results

Seems to be what I'm hearing from quite a few Bob Gammage supporters right now. After crowing about Gammage's fundraising at the end of the year considering he had very little time to work with, it seems all I'm hearing about now is how much better Gammage is doing at conserving that money.

Guys, come on. Bell outraised Gammage by a 2:1 margin in the same timeframe and then outspent him in the last twenty something days by a nearly 3:1 margin. And Bell still has about 2.5 times more money in the bank than Gammage does. And let's be honest, all of this money by either candidate is going to be spent by March 7. Welcome back to reality.

The real story here is, as Greg points out, that the Democratic money problem isn't a function of Bell. Jason Stanford puts it best:

"The Democratic donor base has to realize that the best chance at beating Rick Perry is to support Chris Bell," said Stanford, his spokesman.

"There is a ton of Democratic money in the governor's race right now. The only problem is, right now, it's going to a Republican."

Strayhorn is going to push this as an inevitable choice between her and Perry. And while I do believe that all Chris Bell needs to do to win in November is grab about 40% of the votes, he can't afford to slip through the cracks and have voters forget about him. Bell is going to need to keep his head afloat through the deluge of money that Stra_horn and Rick Perry, Inc are going to dump on us over the next nine months. And the quicker we understand this the better.