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Friday, February 10, 2006

Hypocrisy Much?

The SA Current breaks it, the SA Lightning confirms it- Ken Wolf, the dude that wrote the infamous ghetto e-mail during last year's mayoral election is still working for HB Zachry.

From the Current:

Two men, two similar corporate violations, and two drastically different endings.

On January 30, George Dickerson, who worked for Zachry Construction as a federal-procurement coordinator, sent an inflammatory e-mail from a Zachry server to District 7 Councilwoman Elena Guajardo about crime at Graham Central Station, a large nightclub near his house in the Oak Hills subdivision. He was fired the next afternoon for violating the company’s computer-use policy. Two days after he lost his job of 27 years, he committed suicide at his Northwest Side home.

Last June, Ken Wolf, a 10-year vice president at Metropolitan Resources, a Zachry subsidiary, sent an inflammatory e-mail from a Zachry server to friends in which he referred to the East Side as a “ghetto.” Two weeks later Wolf resigned for violating the company’s computer-use policy and wrote a public and contrite letter. Zachry corporate officials were quoted in the Express-News as saying “Mr. Wolf acknowledges that this incident has compromised his ability to represent Zachry in connection with the company’s development projects.”

His abilities might not have been compromised for long. According to a person who answered the phone at Metropolitan Resources, Wolf works as a consultant for the company. However, another person who answered the phone at Metropolitan Resources said Wolf does not have an office there. That is puzzling because at the Tower-Life Building, home of several Zachry offices, the lobby directory lists Wolf’s name under Metropolitan Resources, which is under the letter “Z.”

From the Lightning:

Ken Wolf, who supposedly resigned last year from his job at construction giant HB Zachry for writing a "racist email," is still on the company payroll, according to Vicky Waddy, company spokeswoman.

"But his contract is up next week," Waddy added in an interview with the Lightning.

Read Ken Wolf's 'ghetto' e-mail here (in italics). Read Dickerson's e-mail here.

Wolf goes out and does political advocacy from a work e-mail whose company gets all sorts of government contracts and he's still on the payroll. Dickerson complains about a night club across the street to his representative on the City Council and gets fired.

Let me also throw my two cents in on Graham Central Station. Dickerson had every right to complain about that place. I've been there exactly as many times as Ken Rodriguez has, once, because certain friends wanted to go there. I ain't ever going back again. The word to best describe Graham's- shady. They sell alcohol to minors, there's a whole bunch of fights breaking out (I think even one dude got shot there in past couple of years), not the kind of place I like to frequent. But it also goes a lot further than that too. Because it's 18 and up you get alot of creepy 30 and 40 year old guys hitting on barely legals. It's just not a good place to be and I can't even imagine living next to it.

But it's also not just Graham Central Station, slide one street over to Babcock and go north to Eckhert- there's been several shootings and stabbings at the bars over there. Someone needs to get a handle on this junk. I like to be able to go out with friends and there's only so many times you can go to the TWO safe ones nearby. Especially if you're with women. And count me out of those hoity-toity bars down town.

So yeah, there's your rant for the day.

Update: Why no reporting from the Express-News on this matter? It seems to me to be exactly the sort of thing they should start off with on one of their blogs.