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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hey Look Nate, We Got A Krystal Burger!

As of Monday morning San Antonio catches up to the likes of Waco with the opening of our first Krystal Burger. And apparently, Krystal Burger joins the city with a built in following:

"We've been waiting for this for a long time," said Wendy Robinson, a Krystal burger enthusiast since the 1990s. She had her last Krystal burger more than a year ago while road-tripping through North Carolina.

"Krystal burgers are so different," she said, wearing her new favorite shirt — a Krystal T-shirt she bought online. "They're not like a Whopper or a Whataburger or anything else. And they're really, really cute."

Many, like San Antonio franchisor David Evans, grew up eating Krystal burgers, which have something of a cult following in the Southeast.

"I've eaten Krystal since I was 4 years old," Evans said. "I thought it was about time to bring Krystal to San Antonio."


Krystal, which started in 1932 and is based in Chattanooga, Tenn., operates 434 restaurants in 12 states. Texas is one of four states in which the chain is aggressively working to boost its presence.

That's welcome news to long-time devotee Tracy Kowald. "I grew up eating Krystals," the Tennessee native said. "My mom ate Krystals, and now my kids eat Krystals."

Kowald used to make a point of stopping at the first Krystal she saw on the way home to visit family in Tennessee. "We just had to have Krystal burgers and we couldn't wait," she said. "It's a Southern thing."

Georgia native Mark Kilchrease has a similar story.

"I eat Krystal burgers whenever I can," he said. "I'm glad we finally have one here."

According to Nate, you're supposed to be able to get a bag of burgers with pickles and onions for 11 bucks. Mark this down on my list of places to try soon.

Going along with the food theme, the Current has an article about finding the best Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurant in San Antonio. Which is kinda like making men choose the most attractive actress/singer/supermodel. We all have our personal favorite(s) for a variety of reasons, and while there are some out there that may not meet with one person's approval, really, almost any will do in a pinch.

But the most astounding thing about the article is the number of Tex-Mex restaurants San Antonio has:

A loose census of the Yellow Pages reveals there are approximately 600 local restaurants that specialize in “Mexican,” or more correctly, Tex-Mex cuisine. That’s roughly one Mexican restaurant for every 2,000 residents inside the city limits.

That's a lot of refried beans. Out of the three Cary has tried, I've been to only one- Salsa Mora's. And that one's pretty darn good.