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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Courage For Congress In DC

Hopefully by this time next year, John Courage will just be beginning to get his wits about him on Capitol Hill. But for now he's in DC meeting with some Dem friendly organization and making key contacts for the year ahead. Matt has inperson updates and some photos while the Express-News gives Courage some pub from last night's VETPAC fundraiser.

And while Courage rips Lamar Smith for his $10,000 worth of donations to Tom Delay's legal defense fund, Smith replies with this gem:

Smith said a $5,000 donation to DeLay was made in 2000 for legal defense of a charge that was later dismissed.

A second donation of $5,000 was given before a Travis County grand jury handed up an indictment charging DeLay with money laundering in a campaign finance scheme.

"I believe in our system of justice that we have in America that you are innocent until proven guilty. Tom DeLay, like anybody, is entitled to a good defense," Smith said.

Apparently a good defense these days costs you a million bucks. Glad to know the working man and woman can afford that. Then again I bet lawsuit reform would probably fix this too. What CAN'T it do? I wonder how many indigent defense cases it would take to equal one million dollars?