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Monday, February 06, 2006

And Now A Word About Our Sponsors

If you haven't gone over to the brand spanking new Burnt Orange Report and registered with them yet, I urge you to do so. There's a whole slew of benefits from registering with them, not the least of which is you get to post your own journals now. BOR is one of the most read, and most respected, blogs in the state. This new blogging platform will only further those two titles.

Our second ad comes from the people over at This group is trying to persuade former State Representative Glen Maxey to throw his hat into the upcoming race for state party chair. That's an intriguing choice for the position. There's no doubt that Maxey has the contacts and networks in Travis County and across the state through his former elected official position and as an officer in Democracy for Texas. And as the estimable Bruce Buchanan said, what a successful state party chair needs is someone who has access, influence, a network, and a wealth of contacts to bring to the table. Not someone who is looking to gain these things by becoming party chair.

My one question at this point and time is what sort of work Maxey has done outside of Travis County, and what sort of success Maxey has had. Travis is a county unto itself here in Texas. Even the Republicans are different. And while Maxey's work there is to be lauded, I do agree with the commenter on Matt's post on the subject that I don't know how that transfers to areas of the state that are half as Democratic as Travis county. That's mostly a biographical question though, and one that can be easily answered I imagine.

Outside of that though, I see no reason why I wouldn't support a Maxey candidacy. So if anyone reading this knows the answer to my question, let me know.