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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Yes, Henry Cuellar Was Endorsed By The Club For Growth

FYI- The posts today have a bit of an angry tone today. Don't know why.

Everyone's covered this already. Just a couple of things from me.

First, about effin' time. I know that everyone's been caught up by the HD-48 special election and trying to find a Democratic primary opponent for Satan, I mean Joe Leiberman, but really? No one thought this race to be that important outside of a handful of bloggers in Texas? It took the Club for Growth's endorsement to wake you from your slumber? I know it's been the cool, "in" thing to walk around town and talk about how Ciro has no money and how he can't do anything and just hope pray that he didn't take enough votes away from Raymond, but really? Really? I'm pretty sure I've said this before and I'm going to say this again. This is the most important federal primary race of 2006. It's a shame that it took Stephen "I like to strangle things in bathtubs" Moore's endorsement to get any sort of exposure. If this race were happening in Austin, Dallas, or Houston you think that'd be the case? That's fine though, keep on ignoring the parts of Texas where your votes really come from Democrats, that's how we'll turn this thing around!

Secondly, sure it gives people something else to rag on Henry Cuellar about, but what about everything else the Club for Growth normally provides? Are they going to send money Cuellar's way? Will they be doing their normal small-dollar donation bundling? How about radio and tv ads? He's already hemmed and hawed his way about the endorsement, if they do any one of these things will Cuellar repudiate them or do his best "Bush talking about/to Congress" impersonation and plead powerlessness?

Finally, one little snippet I cannot keep from commenting on:

In the meantime, Cuellar appeared to downplay the endorsement.

"My strong support of better jobs and lower taxes for 28th District taxpayers is well known and recognized," Cuellar said, "and this is one of dozens of endorsements we anticipate receiving during the campaign from groups supporting teachers, farmers, working families and businesses.

"I find that with any endorsement you get half of their friends and all of their enemies."

Hmmm. Considering that the enemies of the Club for Growth are any Democrats not named Henry Cuellar and the friends of the Club for Growth are fringe Republicans, well then, I'd say you've gotten yourself into a conundrum there Congressman Cuellar.

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