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Monday, January 09, 2006

When Frank Madla's In Trouble, Who Does He Run To? Part Two

The first answer to this question was David Dewhurst. But as Eddie points out, another acceptable answer is former State Rep. Arlene Wohlgemuth (R- Crazyville)- the author of HB 2292. Apparently she will also be attending Madla's fundraiser this week. Eddie has all the pertinent stats on HB 2292.

The fact that purported Democrat Frank Madla has decided to embrace this bill, rather than offer up a mea culpa is ridiculous. How Madla could even think for a second that voting for HB 2292 helps his district out is just obscene. Madlas represents such counties as Hudspeth (39.6% uninsured), Maverick (37.5% uninsured), Presidio (33.1% uninsured), and Edwards (33% uninsured) counties- four of the eight worst counties for uninsured children in the nation. Bexar County itself has 21% of its own children uninsured. How much you wanna bet a good chunk of those are within the Bexar County boundaries of SD-19?