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Friday, January 06, 2006

When Frank Madla's In Trouble, Who Does He Run To?

David Dewhurst. From Kuff, we learn that apparently Dewhurst, 'dozens of lobbyists' , and former Rick Perry Chief o' Staff Mike Toomey have decided they really need Frank Madla's vote in the state senate. So now they're throwing him a fundraiser.

Which is wonderful in and of itself. But it gets even better when you throw in the fact that Madla is refusing to debate State Rep. Carlos Uresti:

Texas Senate challenger Carlos Uresti today called on his opponent to agree to a series of public debates, saying voters in the March 7 Democratic primary deserve the chance to meet both candidates.

"This would be a good opportunity for Mr. Madla to introduce himself to the district and participate in a full discussion of the major issues the people of District 19 face," Uresti said.

Incumbent Frank Madla has reportedly turned down at least one scheduled debate.

To echo Charles, there's really nothing else to add.