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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Two National Things

One, it seems like people are actually starting to use the brakes on the "Kick Joe Leiberman Out Of Office" car. Thank God. Two things to note here. Leiberman really isn't the Yankee version of Zell Miller. No really, he isn't. And what exactly is the anti-Leiberman crowd running against?

Yet, in picking this fight against Lieberman, we're not really running 'on' something. I see no thread of articulated principles here that would justify a Lieberman challenge. The Sierra Club at least looks at your environmental record. What do we look at? The number of times someone has reiterated right-wing frames? What are we looking for in a candidate, that Lieberman isn't? I'm looking for principles here, things to wrap ourselves in.

If we are making demands, which supporting a primary challenger is doing, what are they? If we simply make the demand that a candidate not be Lieberman, then what kind of legitimacy does that confer on us as a group? How can other politicians follow that lead? They can't.

Actually, there's a part of me that really, really wants to see someone go in there and challenge Leiberman. Just so when he does beat his challenger we can shut some people up.

Secondly, you know when people have to make public announcements that they won't be supporting you for President nearly two years before the first primary/caucus, you're bringing the heat early. Hear that Iowa cacus-goers? Put that in your Metamucil tomorrow morning.