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Monday, January 16, 2006

President Tancredo?

While I was up in Iowa volunteering for a presidential campaign during the run-up to the 2004 Iowa caucus, I was taken out to dinner by a couple of HQ staffers who had been sent out into the field over the last few days to bolster their Iowa machine. We got to talking about which Republicans would run in '08, ostensibly against our guy, and ended up trying to predict which crazy Republican with no chance in hell would try and outflank all candidates by steering hard right. Because their's always one of those guys. We all settled on Santorum at that point and time, a fairly reasonable choice.

Well Santorum's decided not to run, but it seems that the void left by him in the 2008 Republican presidential primaries did not go unfilled for too long. Meet Tom Tancredo:

To Tancredo, illegal immigration and the porous nature of the Southwest border is a threat to the nation's security, its prosperity and its culture.

“I want a fence. There are places it won't work,” he said. “There are places it will.”

Critics have derided the fence as a symbol – a Berlin Wall – between neighboring nations of the United States and Mexico.

But Tancredo said the visceral reaction from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras just verifies his belief that a fence would be successful.

“I want a fence because it is a symbol,” Tancredo said.
Yeah, I think Tancredo will do just fine.