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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

People Need To Start Following Directions

Only days after the whole County Chair brouhaha was settled we find that Justice of the Peace Albert McKnight, has had his petition for placement on the Democratic primary ballot rejected:

Bexar Democratic officials on Tuesday rejected McKnight's petition for the March 7 primary, saying it ran afoul of the state election code.

If the decision stands, Democrat Linda Penn, McKnight's lone challenger, would be the de facto winner since no Republican filed for the office.

McKnight, who could launch a court challenge, could not be reached for comment Tuesday.


Mary Cole, the local party's primary director, said McKnight's campaign incorrectly filled out the portion of the petition that must be read to would-be signers.

The preamble includes several blanks that must be filled in: the candidate's name, the office sought and which primary the candidate would run in: Democratic or Republican. On McKnight's petition, where campaign workers should have filled in "Democratic," in the space preceding "primary election," they wrote "March 7, 2006."

Signing a petition to get a Democratic candidate on the primary ballot makes the signer ineligible to vote in the Republican primary. Cole said people who signed McKnight's petition might not have known they would be barred from voting in the GOP primary.

"The state party said this was a fatal flaw," Cole noted.

It seems like an easy enough thing to do, just fill in the blanks. Apparently it isn't. Speaking of the County Chair race, candidate Carla Vela won the endorsement of the San Antonio Central Labor Council (CLC) last night.

Update, 2:50pm: Matt has all of the CLC endorsements. Interestingly enough, no endorsement in any of the three big Bexar County races- SD-19, HD-118, and the County Commissioner's race(Barrera-Elizondo). What gives guy?