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Thursday, January 05, 2006

More Embarrassment

Eddie over at The Red State has it first, but it seems that the reason we don't know if we have a contested County Party chair election yet is because we don't know if potential second candidate, Dan Ramos, has enough precinct chair signatures to be on the ballot:

Dan Ramos may - or may not - have come up a couple of signatures short in his bid to run for chairman of the Bexar Democratic Party.

Late Wednesday, two days after the filing deadline for candidates, party officials still didn't know.

The answer depends on an accurate count of active precinct chairs, and they didn't have it.

Candidates for the party's top county post must collect the signatures of at least 15 percent of the precinct chairs. The list has 218 names, which means office-seekers have to gather at least 33 names, according to Texas Democratic spokeswoman Amber Moon.

Ramos submitted 31 signatures, but he contends the list of precinct leaders is out of date and has names of people no longer in office.

The smaller the list, the fewer signatures required.

This is a quibble over a net loss of about 10 precinct chairs. There's only two ways this ends- Dan Ramos loses and looks like an idiot, or the party can't even bother to keep an up to date list of precinct chairs. Either way the fact that it's taking the county party something like 60 plus hours to figure this out makes this another negative storyline to begin with.

Update, 1:56 pm: Here's the scoop from Eddie-

I just called again. They still do not know and are still counting. Apparently, the issue involves changing precinct lines and people moving.

Here's question number two then. Does changing precinct lines and people moving mess up Carla Vela's numbers too? Or did the fact that she got more than enough signatures too begin with inoculate her from this whole mess?