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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Meet Another Portion Of The Doesn't Get It Crowd

The Texas State Teacher's Association and their endorsement of OTG didn't really get my grits- just another portion of the Democratic consituency who can't see the forest through the trees- until via Greg (through Eye On Williamson County), we find that their decision-making comes down to electability (and by the way Express-News, instead of walking around pondering if Perry is going to serve out another term if elected or if he'll seek re-election in 2010 if he wins in '06, maybe your Austin bureau could- you know- let us San Antonians know about the reasons behind TSTA endorsing Strayhorn):

In a turn-the-world-upside-down moment, the state's oldest teacher group endorsed a Republican gubernatorial challenger who in the past had advocated spending government money to send students to private schools, an idea long opposed by school employee groups.


The group's president, Donna New Haschke, a graduate of Austin's McCallum High School, said the timing proved right for Strayhorn, a former McCallum teacher.

"It comes down to electability," Haschke said. "We know that Comptroller Strayhorn has the best opportunity to prevail in the election next November. . . . And on top of that, she is right on our issues. On every single one of them, we couldn't find a stronger advocate."

So let me get this straight, if OTG had decided to run as a Republican and lost in the primary, would the TSTA endorse Perry then? Obviously in a three-way race you'd consider Perry the favorite right? Or does supporting your issues all the time- and not just when it's politically expedient- trump electability then?

There's been a lot of words wasted in the past year plus about Democrats learning from their mistakes and choosing the most electable candidate since 2004. Obviously alot of people haven't learned. I don't agree with alot of what's said over at Daily Kos, but one of the points I stand side by side with Markos on is that this "is an excercise in movement building, not myopic single-issue focus."

If the groups whose mission and values are the same as those of the Texas Democratic Party wish to gain any semblance of revelancy in Texas, they're going to have to realize what we're trying to do here. The fact that the Texas State Teacher's Association has endorsed a Republican who still philosophically believes in school vouchers is ridiculous. It's akin to the Club For Growth endorsing Dennis Kucinich.

Once the truth starts to roll out about Strayhorn and vouchers, we'll also see just how much this resonates with their rank and file members. Might even hurt the TSTA "leadership" in the long run... and it should.