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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Max Sandlin Endorses Chris Bell

Sandlin, Gonzales, Hinojosa, Gallegos- the Bell campaign just keeps rolling:

Texas is crying out for new leadership-- and as governor of Texas my friend, Chris Bell, will provide the critical new leadership that our state so desperately requires. Please join me today in supporting his campaign and in identifying a new vision and a new agenda for Texas.

I served with Chris Bell in the U.S. House of Representatives-- and I can tell you that Chris will stand and fight for what's right. He and I stood shoulder to shoulder along with many of our colleagues to battle for better healthcare for our families, more opportunities for American companies and American jobs, a better education for our childen, policies to provide security for our seniors, and a host of issues important to the working men and women of our state.

Less than 50 days away from the start of early voting and Team Bell keeps on rolling.