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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Local Races

The Express-News created their first political blog yesterday- Strange Bedfellows. Their first post lets us know that Henry Cuellar and Ciro Rodriguez have finally finished up their negotiations for their first debate, next Monday at KellyUSA. Add Strange Bedfellows to your blog list and check them out.

This column by E-N political editor, Jaime Castillo, detailing how the local AFL-CIO chapter refused to let HD-118 Republican candidate John Lujan speak at their candidate forum concerns me. That local AFL-CIO officials adamantly stand behind their decision irritates me. This has nothing to do with the rights of an organization like the AFL-CIO to not entertain certain candidates. It has everything to do with letting a dues paying, union member speak to his fellow union members about why they should support him in his upcoming race. If I were Lujan, I would've asked for a full refund of my 18 years of dues right then and there. On the bright side for Lujan, he just grabbed an entire column about him in the local daily and most likely won over a few voters because of it. Outside of the fawning over George Antuna, what other State Rep. candidate in SA can say that?

Finally, I'm gonna piggyback off of Matt in what I expect the future Bexar County Democratic Chair to do. Regular CEC meetings, recruiting precinct chairs, and open books are the bare minimum of what I'd expect, and someone whose platform consists almost entirely of this isn't gonna get my vote. It's like skating your way to a C and then expecting to be on the honor roll. I expect our Chair to be out recruiting candidates, raising money, staffing an office (and keeping it open), with real, live, experienced, qualified people, and keeping in constant contact with our local elected Dems to see what they need from the party.