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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Local Elections

Kos lists the Cuellar-Rodriguez-Morales matchup as one of the two most important races coming up next. Unfortunately, about 2/3 of the post and comments talk about the other race. I still don't understand why it's taken people so long to look at this race. Ah well, you can't buy the sort of readership that Kos gets over there, so as more and more people read about this race, hopefully they're going over to Ciro's website and figuring out what exactly they can do to help him out.

Ken Rodriguez thinks the Dems should be scared about HD-118 turning R. Meh. I think I've expended all the words I can write about this subject until after the primary. Yeah, some people think Sayler's a faux Republican. Other's still think highly enough of him to record every single one of his fundraisers/events on their weekly e-mails.