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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

'Jesse' James Leija Endorses Joe Farias in HD-118

Farias looks to be the first one out of the gate. From the e-mails:

'Jesse' James Leija has officially said "Go Joe"!!! The former two-time world boxing champion, and one of San Antonio's beloved sons, recently endorsed Joe Farias in his bid to become the District 118 State Representative. "Joe Farias is a good man who will serve District 118 well," Leija states of his reasoning on the endorsement. "He has been there for over 35 years serving his community--a community I was born in, raised in and spent most of my life in."

Let's be honest, anyone who votes for someone based on an endorsement by a current or retired athlete is just weird to begin with. But this is really just an attention grabber, something to make waves. The real stuff is further down below:

Leija's endorsement places him in a special group of individuals who have already pledged their support for Farias. Leija joins District 3 City Councilman Roland Gutierrez, Constable Ruben C. Tejeda, ACCD Trustee Jennifer Ramos, Harlandale Board Members Michael Tejeda and Ted Montelongo, East Central Board Member and former City Councilwoman Lynda Billa Burke, South San Board Members Homer Flores and Cyndi Ramirez, former East Central Board Member Gus Gonzales, former Harlandale Trustee Leo Lopez, President of the San Antonio Democratic League Tracy Bogert, San Antonio Independent School District Trustee Carlos Villarreal and current Bexar Met. Board Member and former Harlandale Trustee David Sosa in supporting Farias.

With an impressive array of school board members like that, it's looking to be pretty clear what Farias' centerpiece of his campaign is going to be. Which is good. He's got my attention with the Roland Gutierrez endorsement, let's see if he can keep it.

Update, January 5, 1:05 am: 'Jesse' James Leija endorses Joe Farias, not Gabe Farias. Gabe is Joe's son, although for a clever quip about the slip-ups check the comments. Actually check the first comment for a lot more insight into this press release.