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Monday, January 16, 2006

It Looks Like Someone Disagrees

With our choice for Texan of the Year, Carter Casteel (from the e-mails):

The 73rd district covers 4 counties: Comal, Bandera, Kendall and Gillespie. Friends, get ready for one bloody primary battle in the Hill Country. This one is going to get good because an assortment of conservatives have said enough is enough. It is time to retire State Representative Carter Casteel once and for all. The political machine behind Nathan Macias is absolutely incredible. Mr. Macias has some important friends in Austin based on what we have seen. (They could probably invade a small country if you sent them to Central America with arms. Yes, they are playing to win.)

This race is very significant because it will indicate what kind of political muscle conservatives can flex in the Hill Country. An assortment of social conservatives, Toll party activists, and key players in Austin have a decent shot at taking this seat back. (Isn't State Representative Carter Casteel a Republican? Conservatives would beg to differ.) Okay, amigos, you heard it here first. Buckle your seats because this race is already getting personal and nasty. This is textbook Texas hardball politics in all its glory.

Yeah, not much else needs to be said.