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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Happy Birthday To The Current

As their next issue hits the newstands later on today, something that I've been remiss in talking about this past week is the Current's 20th birthday. I've read SA's weekly, alternative newspaper for about 8 years now. It's a good weekly change of pace from the Express-News. You could also probably make a good argument that Alt. weekly papers have been the print form of blogging for quite a while now.

Which brings up the question that Kuff- and Atrios- initially brought up months ago, why haven't weeklies like the Current taken up blogging? That's my suggestion to start off your next 20 years in the business on the right foot.

In honor of their 20th Anniversary, the Current is throwing 17 (well, 16 now) events throughout the year. They range from an Ale Fest at the Botannical Gardens (I NEED a ticket to that) to several gallery events where they will be acutioning off select digital prints of past Current covers. Just tell me when you're selling off the Hardberger pic from a few months back and I'm all over that one.