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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bexar County Filing News

No major surprises here. We'll preempt this entire post by stating that it looks as if the Bexar County Dems webpage isn't completely up to date yet, so things may change.

Starting off at the top, after weeks of rumors Rick Bolanos seems to be the only person who filed for CD-23. Further on down, it seems that current County Party chair Rudy Casias' rumored bid for HD-122 didn't pan out while we now have a total of four Dems and three Repubs looking to fill State Rep. Carlos Uresti's shoes in HD-118. In Bexar County, the only State House race that doesn't draw a Dem candidate is HD-121, Joe Straus' district.

Apparently local precinct chair and activist Dan Ramos got his filing for County Party chair done at the very last minute to challenge Carla Vela, although there is some dispute as to the validity of some of the signatures he turned in.

And outside of that, there's nothing really big to note, everything else has been about covered.