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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Apparently Aaron Brooks and the rest of the Saints team has been living in squalor here in San Antonio:

Quarterback Aaron Brooks' comments on CBS on Sunday criticizing NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue and New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson for their handling of the team in the wake of Hurricane Katrina have drawn the ire of at least one former NFL player.

"He's making $6.6 million," said Boomer Esiason, a former QB with the Cincinnati Bengals and now a CBS color analyst.

"I am sympathetic to the fact that they are uncomfortable," Esiason said. "But what about those other people who are displaced?"

During the interview, Brooks told reporter Jim Gray that money and politics took precedence over tending to the needs of Saints players and coaches.

"If (Benson) sells the team, he walks away with 600 million (dollars)," Brooks said. "I don't think a couple million would hurt to make this team feel very comfortable every week. So I'm more than sure he could have done a lot more.

"And for those who don't understand, come down here to San Antonio and see what our conditions are like. It's just bad."

I don't know what conditions he's talking about, the Alamodome? The practice field? Wherever he's decided to live? Maybe this is why Brooks has played so poorly this season. Then again, this doesn't explain his erratic play over the past, say, four seasons.

Our potential NFL franchise folks.

By the way did anyone else read about Steve Young ripping into Chris Simms, saying he doesn't have the heart or drive to make it as a big-time NFL QB because of the 'laissez-faire' parenting attitude he was brought up in. By which I guess Young meant, 'rich'. Then Poppa Simms replying with, "what does Steve know, he was raised in Connecticut." Classic.