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Friday, December 09, 2005

Trail Mix

Here's the full article on Richard Perez not running for HD-118. I'll have a little more on this race this weekend.

In other interesting news, Rebecca Chapa has an article about Rick Bolanos running for CD-23, former one-term state representatve Ken Mercer running for State Board of Education... yeah, just the kind of guy we need there, and also ran District 7 city council candidate Ted Kenyon- he pulled 6 percent in the May general- will be challenging freshman legislator David Leibowitz. Yeah, have fun with that.

In the "I've seen pornos start like this," category, apparently a couple of Playboy Playmates were arrested in San Antonio because of their drunk and unruly behavior. Or as Hef calls it, Tuesday morning. But that's not the kicker- actually this story has two kickers.

Number 1:

Police reports and reports from Frontier said the women were unruly on the 2 hour flight. They fought with each other and other passengers.

Minter was apparently on her way from Denver to San Antonio for a lingerie show. Gamba, who said she loves to travel, is a former Oakland Raiders Cheerleader.

"One of the women started saying she was a celebrity and that's why the passenger who complained 'shouldn't mess with her,' and that sort of thing," Hebert said.


Number 2:

Authorities in San Antonio said it became even more bizarre. Gamba reportedly may have tried another tactic to avoid arrest.

"At one point he said one of the women made sexual advances toward both the primary officer and the officer who was there for backup," Hebert said.

Reason number 3,506,823 why I couldn't be a police officer.

By the way, what's with the airport always taking our local tv news reporters? First Lisa Burkhardt and now David Herbert?

Finally, via Matt, it seems that a fellow Roadrunner has started up a crucial "sacred religious texts for porn" drive. Bravo. Seriously though, he makes some really good points against Tucker Carlson.