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Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Red State To The Rescue!

So basically confirming my idiocy, Eddie over at The Red State gives us some great info on what has happened before when the Supreme Court rules a redistricting map invalid. Essentially it's highly confusing, with possibilities of special elections and 2004 incumbents being shifted in 2002 districts- maybe running against some of the Dems that who lost their seat in 2002.

But if we were speculating here, what would this look like? Does John Carter run in his old district back in Bryan/College Station or does he run against Chet in the old CD-11? What happens in Chris Bell's old seat? How many of the Dems who lost in 2002 or decided not to run get back in the saddle again? Does Ralph Hall become a Democrat again? Electorally, does all of this even matter if people like Max Sandlin and Charlie Stenholm don't run for their old seats? What about Lampson's old seat? If, in the most craziest scenario, absolutely every Dem who lost their seat after re-redistricting came about and every freshmen Republican ran again in 2006, how many uber competitive seats would we be talking about here? And what if it was some crazy special election with run-offs? This is the sort of stuff that overloads my brain.

If you're wondering what the actual questions that the Supreme Court will be deciding on are, go here.