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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

An Interesting Proposition

Lori Bravo of fame wants to know if any fellow San Antonio bloggers would like to help create an alternative online source for news, opinion and reviews:

I’ve had a project kicking around in my noodle for quite a few months now, and if I can find a few takers, I’m game to do it. The idea is this: get a group of local bloggers who specialize in a variety of interests and let them all blog together with just a bit of editorial control. I don’t see that there’s anyone locally doing such a thing, except for — and well, you know the story there. The internet is quite inviting for alternative writers and readers, and I’d really love to provide a quality service to the locals and visitors.

See for an example of what I have in mind. Certainly not revolutionary, but something I think San Antonio could find useful: an alternative source for opinions, news and reviews of all things local. I’m looking for people who are used to blogging regularly and are “experts” (even self proclaimed) in areas like local politics, restaurants, attractions, lifestyle, technology, business, etc.

So what say you guys? I'm in if you are.