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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Has Anyone Else Seen This?

A transcript of Tucker Carlson and some PETA representative going after it. The PETA guy is even saying that if you eat fish you will lose all of your cognitive function! :

FRIEDRICH: Tucker, fish feel pain in the same way as dogs and cats. Impaling them on hook supports cruelty to animals, and it's not justifiable. Additionally, eating fish rots your brain. The Environmental Protection Agency says that if you eat fish as few as two times...

CARLSON: You're switching from topic to topic.

FRIEDRICH: Yes, but if we're going to be talking about what we should be offended about, we should be offended that the Environmental Protection Agency isn't telling you that if you're feeding your kid fish, you're feeding them poison.

CARLSON: Hold on. Hold on. Without getting, if you feed your kid poisoned fish, you're feeding them poison.


CARLSON: If you're feeding them unpoisoned fish, you're not. But look, I don't...

FRIEDRICH: If you're feeding your kid tuna or salmon or fish sticks, you're feeding your kid poison.

CARLSON: Now you're attacking. Now you're attacking.

FRIEDRICH: The 'Wall Street Journal' front page piece about a kid who was eating tuna sandwiches on a daily basis. He went from being an honor student to being in remedial reading. He went from being a jock to being unable to catch a football. Front page, "Wall Street Journal," August 1.

CARLSON: It must be true. It was in the newspaper. Of course it's true. Come on, Bruce, you know that. It's axiomatic.

FRIEDRICH: Tucker, it's based on the Environmental Protection Agency saying that if you eat any fish as few as two times a week, you will have measurable decrease in your cognitive function.

What the hell?!?!

Oh and Carlson also threatens to punch a man in the face.