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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Gammage A Go?

According to the Austin American-Statesmen, yes:

Here comes the judge: Former Texas Supreme Court Justice Bob Gammage has decided to enter the 2006 Democratic gubernatorial primary, raising the possibility of at least a three-person fray for a chance to chase the Republican nominee in November.

Gammage, who filed paperwork with the Texas Ethics Commission designating himself the treasurer of his gubernatorial campaign last month, intends to announce next week, according to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid pre-empting the kickoff.

"It's a go," the source said.

Gammage, 67, a Llano lawyer who has served on the state's highest court as well as in the Texas House and Senate, the U.S. House and Austin-based 3rd Court of Appeals, didn't confirm or deny the decision. He said he's fielded much encouragement and it "looks real good, but I'm not ready to make my announcement today."

BOR has some more commentary over there, and UT's Bruce Buchanan is right when he says that this will definitely result in more coverage. But 76 days away (keep on pushing back your announcement Judge) from the start of early voting, I don't see much to make me think that Gammage can put together an operation, raise the money, and introduce himself to enough voters to actually win. Not against a candidate who declared four months ago and was exploring this race for months longer. And while Gammage's line about Team Bell's pitching arm may make a good quip, I haven't seen a real good answer as to why he left the Texas Supreme Court a year before his term was up.

But there's something else that Karl-Thomas brought up that I've wanted to talk about for a while now- namely that the only Democrats, heck the only people of any political persuasion, supporting Kinky are white. I haven't heard one non-white person say, "I'm saving myself for Kinky." Or see a non-white person hop on out of a car with one of Kinky's numerous bumper stickers (note to Kinky: It's called branding, all those slogans and different colors just confuse us). But I sure have heard several white liberals say it. Saving themselves for a man who'd like to shut down the border for a years until we get the problem solved... aka until he gets the wall built, and who doesn't know a single thing about tuition deregulation. Now of course the law of large numbers will inevitably lead non-white Kinky supporters back to this blog. But I think the point still stands. Anyone care to argue why this is the case?