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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

End of Year Fundraising Drives

In a few days I'll do my normal end of quarter fundraising post, but two fundraising calls came in a little early and with a twist.

Team Bell
is asking to keep their momentum going strong through the end of the year. Statewide candidates only have to report what's in their coffers every six months during an off-year. That's a long time and a lot of guessing as to how much whoever has in between finance reports. And since this will be the only finance report until the reports immediately before the primary, it makes this deadline all the more important.

Give to Chris Bell here, and let's keep the momentum going for the only Democratic candidate who has a shot at beating Rick Perry Inc.

John Courage
, the newly minted Progressive Patriot, is also issuing an online challenge. Match his Progressive Patriot contribution dollar for dollar. As his e-mail says- Wisconsin gave $5k, how much can Texas give? Lamar Smith can cluck and cluck about not paying attention to the Courage campaign but he and his staff have to admit, these guys have got some Mo to end the year with. Donate here.