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Monday, December 19, 2005

Congressman Charlie Gonzalez Endorses Chris Bell

Looks like Chris Bell is slowly but surely locking down Bexar County:

I want to take a quick moment to let you all know how much we miss Chris Bell up here in the Texas congressional delegation, but as much as I miss him as a colleague, I would rather have him as my governor. Which is why today I am proud to endorse my friend Chris Bell for Texas Governor.

Everyone learned about Chris Bell’s courage when he took on Tom DeLay, but I learned about his courage—and his heart—when he helped stop a ban on stem cell research and spoke out against private-school vouchers with a passion and eloquence that we don’t normally see up here. Chris Bell was clearly establishing himself as a leader who had something significant to say.

So when he started exploring the race for governor, I decided to watch and listen to see what he would do. And I can tell you that I am impressed with his energy and—once again—his courage in taking on tough issues such as stem cell research, the epidemics of dropouts and teen pregnancy, and increasing the state’s investment in education.