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Monday, December 19, 2005

Breaking News: Morales Entering CD-28 Campaign

As originally speculated here, 1996 US Senate candidate, 1998 Congressional candidate and 2002 US Senate primary candidate Victor Morales has decided to enter the CD-28 fracas:

Saying he's a realist who can live with whatever South Texas voters decide, three-time congressional candidate Victor Morales confirmed Monday that he will enter the Congressional District 28 race.

The Crandall schoolteacher, who first made headlines by crisscrossing the state in a white pickup in a 1996 bid to unseat then-Sen. Phil Gramm, said he will officially file his candidacy Thursday in Austin.

His entrance into the race comes two weeks before the Jan. 2 candidate-filing deadline and months, even years, behind the typical schedule for a major congressional campaign.

" What is the problem of giving the people of District 28 another choice?” the Pleasanton native asked during a swing through San Antonio. " Let the people make their choice and if it's not meant to be, I can live with it.”
Here's what his brother, Joe Morales, had to say about a month ago (check the comments):

He has been talking to folks and speaking in schools,walking the neighborhoods, and talking to district folks since summer of this year gauging support for a possible candidacy. All under the radar. He already has the signatures to put his name on the ballot. Remember, he is from Pleasanton in Atascosa county where most of our relatives still live. He taught school in Cotulla, Poteet and attended school at San Antonio college and graduated from Texas A & I Kingsville. He still is known throughout the South Texas area either by name, face or the little white truck, which by the way is one of the first things ordinary folks ask about.(Still has it.) If you have ever heard Victor speak, you would know that he can run rings around Cuellar, Ciro or Raymond. He also connects to the everday working man far better that the others. As I stated, he has already been speaking in Laredo, Pearsall, Dilley, Poteet, Pleasanton, Kyle, San Marcos, Buda, Seguin, Floresville, Jourdanton, and to people on the south side of San Antonio where his son lives.(All in the 28th dist) His daughter now attends UT Austin so he probably will move into the district soon.
Senator Cornyn has been trying to get Victor to switch to the Repubs since he was elected but Victor won't do it. By the way, he is a Navy vet, having spent a little time in Viet Nam waters during the Nam war. Vets need a voice from South Texas who has actually served, which the other 3 have not. Since he has been an educator for more than 25 years he can also speak more clearly on education issues.

His name ID should be high enough from the '96 and '02 statewide campaigns that he should start off on decent footing in both Webb and Bexar counties. But whether or not he stays there, or if he can actually start moving up, depends entirely on what sort of operation he puts on the ground. But he'll be starting behind the 8-ball, in terms of time and distance (Morales will be commuting from his DFW home).