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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Agonist Radio, Night III

Tonight Sean-Paul Kelley has on:

7-730: Intro segment, introduce the night's guests, main topic, poll question and call-ins etc . . .

730-800: Charles Kuffner, the Dean of the Texas Progressive Blog Delegation and one of the first bloggers I ever read and whose style I still try to emulate. We will talk about progressive bloggers chances of affecting Texas elections in 2006 and other Texas politics including Unionization action in Houston.

800-900: John Courage, Candidate for the Texas 21st Congressional District.

900-930: David Van Os, Democrat for Texas Attorney General.

930-1000: Jess Barron with the Yahoo Buzz! We'll talk about Yahoo!'s technology, Google and how Yahoo! is capitalizing on emergent web technologies.

Another great lineup. I'm especially looking forward to the Sean-Paul/Charles Kuffner conversation on Unionization action. Greg Wythe covered that issue and its effect it had on the '05 Houston elections quite a bit, and I was debating whether or not to call in tonight with a question on that topic.

That's 550-AM for those of you in SA. For everyone else, you can find it at